The GENERAL COUNCIL OF PASTORS AND ELDERS was, as it exists today, created when the Church of God in Christ changed its form of government and amended its constitution in 1972.  I has a constitutional mandate and it exist to ensure the Pastors and Elders have access to a fair judicial system.  If this Council is weakened by politics, all Pastors and Elders are vulnerable.

The General Council is the Appellate Court to which a Pastor or Elder can appeal and adverse decision rendered by the first level of the COGIC Justice System; the Jurisdiction Pastors and Elders Council.

*UPDATE; In April 2013, the General Assembly passed a resolution that all Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council Officers; Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by Majority vote of all Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders present and voting.  The only change in the resolution was the notification time of 30 days instead of 45 as shown in paragraph (a)*

Click below to view the full resolution

RESOLUTION #042013-3 passed in the April 2013 General Assembly Session

A while back I was asked the question if the Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Chairman was to be appointed or elected, my response was ,  election was not a requirement (a condensed version).  However, I was helped by a Supt. who said Bishop Blake asked for the Jurisdictional Chairman be elected.  Here is the paragraph from the November 2009 General Assembly Minutes, page 3, paragraph 3;


Thank you to that Superintendent.

New Jurisdictional Election Procedures

On the Official COGIC Website, on the General Council of Pastors and Elders link, there are new Election Procedures.  From the website here are the new procedures for Electing Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council Officers. 
Click here for the new procedures.

Here are the procedures in a different larger font

The purpose of the General Council of Pastors and Elders is defined in the Rules and Regulation manual under Article II;


1.          The General Council shall serve as an appeals court for the Church of God in Christ,  Inc., and it shall carry out those other duties and responsibilities delegated to it by Article V, Section A of the Constitution of the Church of God in Christ.

2.       The General Council shall, at its discretion, sponsor national and regional conferences.

3.    The General Council shall upon request provide assistance to Jurisdictional

Pastors and Elders Councils, in holding elections, in establishing trial procedures, and in formulating rules and regulations for their governance.

4.    The General Council shall not engage in any activities that violate the Constitution of the Church of God in Christ, or any laws adopted by the General Assembly.

The Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders is the first level in the Church of God in Christ.  It is important for the members of the General Council and the Jurisdictional Council to be active and informed.  Contact your chairman, ask for the latest copy of ALL rules.  Know what the proper procedures are.

Here is a copy of the Rules and Regulations

There is a new edition of the Official Handbook for the General Council of Pastors and Elders.  It became available during the Council session on Saturday during the Convocation.  One of the interesting things it does is outline some of the duties of the Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council.  Here are some of those duties;


Click here to find; How to file an appeal of a Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council Ruling

Click here for the  new General Council of Pastors and Elders Council Handbook for 2012 and in the library page of the site


  1. Pastor Thomas Brito says:

    Greetings I the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I would like to order a copy of the Handbook and a copy of the Rules and Regulations for the General Council of Pastors and Elders. How may I obtain a copy of these writings?

  2. Harold Davis says:

    My Name is Pastor Harold Davis of the Greater First Cogic Knoxville Tn. I would like to know why the GCPE has not mediated a dispute between my local church and the General Board in our case that we won in the Judicary board as well as the General Assembly and the General Secretary office records reflect the ruling of the Judicary board and the constitution of the Cogic says their ruling is not up for review or scrutiny by anyone. but yet the General Board refuse to pull the civil case out of court. If the leadership don’t obey the constitution of our national church and its highest court and the ruling of the General Assembly, why do we have a constitution? Regards: Pastor Harold Davis

  3. Karen says:

    Hello, I am a member of my church and my question is; after speaking with my Pastor & members of his financial board, he informed me that if I have matters that raise concerns about his conduct that there is No Options to discuss with upper leaders. He informed me if I go above his hedd he will have me removed from the church because I will be considered sowing discord. On the other hand he has members looking at me as not on the “vision” team; which is not true. They claim I am a threst to any Pastor (according to a boatd member) I am smart, business minded & too aggessive; is bad news fir any church Is there other ways to discuss this situation with a higher leader? Or what are the protocol fir COGIC? #unfairnesswithout love.

    • admin says:

      If he has violated the rules found in the official manual he can be brought up on charges. Unfortunately COGIC is not very responsive to anything that will not cost them money. I suggest you start looking for another church in which the leader does not believe he is part of the trinity.

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