The Judiciary Board is the Supreme Court of the Church of God in Christ judicial system.  Created in 1991 by the General Assembly as an Independent Branch of church government. It was mandated by the General Assembly, to create a Judicial Canon and Code of Conduct which was passed and ratified as an Addendum to the Churches Constitution in 1994.

Just as the General Assembly created the General Board (Executive Branch in 1968) and transferred the power and authority to make the decisions to operate the church when the General Assembly is not in session.  It also created the Judiciary Board as the Supreme Court of the Church of God in Christ and transferred all of its Judicial Authority to the Judiciary Board with three exceptions.  The General Assembly retained the right to be the Trial Court for all General Board members, the Chairman of the General Assembly, and members of the Judiciary Board.

The Church of God in Christ Judicial System consists of:

       The Judiciary Board has the final authority on all appeals.  It’s decisions are not subject to review.  The General Assembly has the authority to amend the laws but not to overturn its decisions.  The General Assembly also sets the budget for the Judiciary Board.

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