How To confuse The General Assembly

How do you confuse the General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ? It is not difficult, give the information that is not correct.

We hear many people say “the constitution says” but no one gives the citation or page number so that you can verify the information yourself, or if they do, they misquote it or take it out of context.

In the Official Manual, on page 4 the first sentence tells how General Board members are chosen.



Paragraph 1

1. The General Assembly shall elect from among the Jurisdictional Bishops, twelve Bishops who shall comprise and be designated, as the General Board and they shall be Ex Officio Directors of the Corporation.

An election is the manner in which the constitution provides for general Board members to be chosen.

On page 8, paragraph 3 states how vacancies on the General Board are to be filled;

“In the event a vacancy in the General Board occurs while the General Assembly is not in session, the remaining members of the General Board shall fill such vacancy until such time as the General Assembly shall be convened in regular or special session, at which time the General Assembly shall fill such position in the manner as herein provided. A vacancy in the office of the General Secretary, Financial Secretary, or Treasurer shall be filled in the same manner.”

It clearly states “…the remaining membersshall fill such vacancyuntil such time as the General Assembly shall be convened…”

The word “until” sets parameters on the General Board recess appointment. When the General Assembly convenes, does not that word make that seat vacant the instant the session starts.

To not be misled, you must know the truth or you must go to the source and find out for yourself.

Remember one of the reasons the Bereans were more noble was because they searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

When someone says “the constitution says”, ask them for the citation and page number so that you can be honorable and make informed decisions

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