It is the opinion of this editor, that Chairman Michael Eaddy has severely harmed the General Council of Pastors and Elders. In several cases he has given misinformation or outright wrong information resulting in decisions being overturned. He does not follow the Official Manual and appears willing to allow a pastor to suffer harm for what appears to be brownie points.

Chairman Eaddy appears to be willing to throw the Pastors and Elders under the bus to curry favor with those who can make him a bishop. Truth and integrity have become casualties in his attempt to become a bishop.

Chairman Eaddy has violated the Constitution, and the Bible and continues to do so; the General Council is the weakest and most ineffective it has ever been, the fault for that lays at the feet of Chairman Michael Eaddy.

Click Here to Read Charges against Chairman Eaddy

Click Here to Read the Judicial Review Order

Click Here to Read Chairman Eaddy’s Apology to Aux Bishop Kurt Thompson written on August 2, 2021.

Click here to read Chairman Eaddy’s Official Statement, this was written September 28, 2021, and is another example of deceit and half-truths. There is no provision in the law of the Church of God in Christ where the Chairman of the General Council of Pastors and Elders has the authority to interfere in the Appellate Courts rulings. His job is to forward all complaints that come to the GCPE to the Chairman of the Judicial Review Committee found in the 2012 General Council of Pastors and Elders Official Handbook, Article V Section II Judicial Review Committee, para 5 (2)

“Upon receipt of the request for an Appeal and/or Appeal Hearing, the Chairman of the General Council shall forward such request along with all supporting documents to the Chairman of the Judicial Review Committee within fourteen (14) days of receipt, baring no legitimate impediments.”

Click Here to read the Rules of the Judicial Review Committee. When Aux. Bishop Kurt Thompson invoked the Board of Bishops Rule 7(c); (Click Here to view) in which he admitted he did not send the required letter per Article VIII, Section B, paragraph 2(c) ” The Investigating Committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the Jurisdictional Bishop, and if it reports that the charges are without merit the trial shall be dismissed by the Jurisdictional Bishop, and notice of the dismissal shall be sent to all interested parties including the General Secretary.” (Official Manual), rather than admitting he was wrong Chairman Eaddy has remained silent allowing a Pastors right to be continually trampled on.

When the Judiciary Board was formed, all COGIC courts came under the Judicial Branch; just as the U. S. President cannot interfere with the appellate court rulings without violating the law, neither can the GCPE Chairman; he violated the law and now has charges filed against him. Because of the pressure he and others brought to bear, the Chairman of the Judicial Review Committee blinked and gave in to that pressure, he rescinded his order which without the full court being in agreement in writing, he did not have the authority to do so. Click here to see Garners letter. Click here to see Eaddy’s charges.

The former Chair of the Judicial Review Committee, Eld. Robert Garner has now been made an Auxiliary Bishop; Chairman Eaddy replaced him with the Presiding Bishop’s adjutant, Kimbe Knowlin. That is clearly a conflict of interest, how can an individual who personally assist the Presiding Bishop, truthfully be expected to rule in a manner opposite a position the P.B. has taken.

Pastors and Elders, I ask you; has Chairman Michael Eaddy sold the General Council of Pastors and Elders for thirty pieces of silver? Who will be sacrificed next?

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