New United_states_supreme_court_building ver-1The Board of Bishops conducted a trial of Bishop Rufus Kyles for Conduct Unbecoming a Bishop.

In August 2014, the General Board received a complaint from a woman against Bishop Kyles.  In October 2014 it was referred to the Board of Bishops which on April 15, 2015, ordered Bishop Kyle to stand trial for two counts of conduct unbecoming a Bishop.

The trial against Bishop Rufus Kyles was held November 4, 2015 through November 6, 2015 and at its conclusion Bishop Kyles was found guilty of both counts and the penalty recommended to the General Board was removal from office.  Board of Bishops Order.

The General Board removed Bishop Kyles from office.   General Board Order

Bishop  Kyles appealed to the Judiciary Board and also filed a Motion to Stay the Execution of the General Board’s order

Bishop Kyles filed an appeal to the Judiciary Board (Supreme Court) of COGIC.  The appeal was based on possible procedural defects or misapplication of law.  After reviewing the case, the Judiciary Board determined there had been errors and issued its ruling, that the trial courts order be vacated and the case remanded to the Board of Bishops (a lower court) for a new trial. Judiciary Board Order

 One of the attorneys for Bishop Kyles has sent a letter to Bishop Sheard requesting he be reinstated.  The primary reason, the refusal of the Board of Bishops to bring Bishop L’Keith Jones to trial.

Request for reinstatement

The Board of Bishops and a majority of the General Board have demonstrated their lack of integrity by the deceitful ways they have handled this case.  They have violated numerous church laws and literally persecuted Bishop Kyles.  Bishop Kyles has been through the Judicial System and according to the rules and regulations of the Church of God in Christ, there are no longer any charges against him of any kind.  He is the pastor of his church.

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