In his book, Why I Stood For The Defense In Orlando; How Long This Madness:  Bishop Charles E. Blake says;

“Thus, the structure is not a pure hierarchy; it is a” hybrid structure”   in which power flows both upwards and downwards. Power flows upwards (not downwards like a hierarchy) from the delegates of the General Assembly to the General Board and Presiding Bishop. And then it flows downwards (as in a hierarchy) to the bishops and to those under their charge. It is episcopal in that it affirms the authority of the bishops who are those above. At the same time, it is governed by a constitution, and thus the constitutional rights of the pastors and congregations, who are those who are below, must not be abused or alienated from them.”

Read what Bishop Blake had to say in his book;  HOW LONG THIS MADNESS?

In 1999 when Supt. Derrick Hutchins was embroiled in controversy over his church in Orlando, Bishop Charles E. Blake came to the rescue. Click on here to read the August 1999 O. I.C. NEWS, a magazine published about their struggle.

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