With leaders from each branch of government in the Church of God in Christ, Inc. under the cloud of charges, (in some cases ignored for up to five years) there is a crisis in government.

In the Church of God in Christ, the Judicial System looks solid; however things are not as they appear. The Judicial laws as they are written appear impressive; but the way they are administered is like a third world country. With corruption and cronyism rampant.

The COGIC Judicial Branch of Government

The system of courts in the Church of God In Christ for the administration of justice are as follows:

*         Trial Courts:

The court before which issues of fact and law are tried and first determined. The lower dispute forums in the church are:

  1. Jurisdiction – Pastors and Elders Council
  2. Women’s Dept. – Dispute Resolution Committee
  3. Board of Bishops – Judiciary Committee*
  4. General Board – (Forum for National Officers)
  5. General Assembly – Judicial Council*

  *The appeal of these two courts’, go directly to the Judiciary Board

*       Appellate Court:

The court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies.

1.        National Pastors and Elders Council – Review Committee

*       Supreme Court:

The Judiciary Board is the Supreme court of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., as the final authority of questions of ecclesiastical constitutional doctrine, it maintains balance between the legislative (General Assembly) and executive branch (General Board.

Sadly it is broken, because of cronyism, and politics most charges are hidden away and usually never see the light of day. There are charges that were filed in 2016 that have not been brought forward by the Chairman of the General Assembly who has charges filed against him as well. It appears that they each protect each other so they can have protection when they are scrutinized. When the law making body ignores the laws chaos exist. The small people who have no one to help them become devoured.

All three branches of the governmental system of the Church of God in Christ have charges against them. There are charges against General Board members; The Executive Branch. There are charges against the Chairman of the General Assembly; Legislative Branch and there are charges against three Judiciary Board members with two of them filed by a then member of the Judiciary Board.

Not only is the Judicial System broken, but each branch violates the charter almost on a regular basis.

Click on the red buttons to see each of charges the Chairman has held up, some of them as much as five years.

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