The Board of Bishops is the Trial Court for all Bishops with the exception of General Board members and Judiciary Board members who are Bishops.

The Board of Bishops is an Independent Board, with an elected Chairman, First Vice-Chairman, Second Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Sergeant at Arms.  These eight elected positions along with five appointments form the thirteen member Executive Board.

In their respective Jurisdictions, the Bishops are the Executive Branch and the Jurisdictional Officers make up his cabinet.

Here are some documents for the Board of Bishops.

Here are the  rules (version 2) in PDF form.  Process and Procedure

The trial and trials of Bishop Thomas Holsey.  Click here to view

Here are the things for which a Bishop can have charges filed against him and the procedures for the trial.

Chargeable Offenses and Trial Procedures

Send all correspondence via Certified Mail.  Save your receipts and return cards.  This is proof it was mailed. 

*There is a three year “Statute of Limitations” for charges against a Bishop, except for sexual misconduct which has a ten (10) year limitation.  If the victim is less than eighteen years old at the time of the misconduct, the time limit is ten (10) years after the victims twenty-first (21) birthday.*

[Editors note:  In all cases of sexual abuse of minors, law enforcement should be called.  In many states there are mandatory reporting laws which require the abuse be reported.]

To file charges against a bishop, send the grievance to;

The Chairman of the Board of Bishops,  CC it to both the Board of Bishop’s Secretary and the Chairman of the Grievance Committee. Also send a copy to the General Secretary Bishop Lyle.

Bishop Joel H. Lyle Jr.
General Secretary
Church of God in Christ, Inc.
930 Mason Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38126


Bishop Albert Galbraith

Bishop Adrian D. Williams

Bishop Roy Dixon




Board of Bishops

 Board of Bishops

Grievance Committee

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

3700 Plymouth Drive

243 Smoke Rise Trace

4999 Holly Drive

North Highland, CA 95660

Peachtree City, Georgia 30269

San Diego, CA 92113

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  1. Henry L. Sutton Sr. says:

    Just seeking some insight for our youth departmemt
    Everything or Good I enjoy it all

  2. Johnny says:

    Is it true that to be a Bishop you have to have 36 church’s I desire to be a Bishop. God made me his bishop idesire to be taught how to set church’s in order can talk help me

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    I have a question what is considered abuse of the powers and prerogatives of the bishop

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    Who Is the CFO of the board of Bishop’s

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