The names and addresses of the persons to file grievances and transfer request are listed below.
To transfer jurisdictions;
Each church has the right to petition, to change jurisdictions once a year. It is not required to obtain the Bishops permission to transfer jurisdictions. All the requirements are spelled out in the Transfer Procedures
To change jurisdictions the official Church of God in Christ  Transfer Procedures must be followed.  Always send documents via certified mail with a return card, save your card. Remember, one letter must go to the General Secretary, one letter must go to the Bishop whose jurisdiction you want to leave, and one letter must go to the Bishop whose jurisdiction you want to transfer to. Both bishops or their representatives are there only as observers.

Read the procedures found on the trials page and follow the procedures carefully. Those you file against will be very nit-picky and try to use any little thing to get it tossed out.

Send all correspondence by Certified Mail, save all receipts and return cards. All correspondence must be signed, it will not be considered, period, without a signature.

The General Secretary would receive a copy of each transfer request as well as each grievance.  It is to be sent to;

Bishop Joel H. Lyle Jr.
General Secretary
Church of God in Christ, Inc.
930 Mason Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38126

To file charges against a bishop, send the grievance to;

The Chairman of the Board of Bishops,  the Chairman of the Board of Bishops Grievance Committee, and the General Secretary Bishop Lyle.  All of these are to be sent by Certified mail with an original signature, preferably with blue ink.   Also CC copies to the Board of Bishops Secretary, the Chief Justice of the Judiciary Board, these can be sent by First Class mail.


Bishop Albert Galbraith

Bishop Adrian D. Williams

Bishop Roy Dixon



Chairman Board of Bishops

Board of Bishops

 Board of Bishops

Grievance Committee

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

3700 Plymouth Drive

243 Smoke Rise Trace

9341 Crest Drive

North Highland, CA 95660

Peachtree City, Georgia 31313

Spring Valley, CA 91977

To file charges against a Pastor, you must start with the jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council.  Adverse judgements may be appealed to the General Council.

General Council of Pastors and Elders:
Superintendent Michael Eaddy
Chairman of the General Council Of
Pastors And Elders
3570 W. Fifth Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60624

The Chief Justice of the Judiciary Board is Superintendent Thomas Jackson

Superintendent Thomas Jackson
Chief Justice
Judiciary Board
Church of God In Christ, Inc.
1750 E. 78th ST
Chicago, Illinois 60649

20 Responses to WHERE DO I FILE?

  1. Christopher Quigley says:

    I would really like some information on how to move jurisdictions. I am a founding member of a local church that is very unhappy with the bishop. My pastor past away and the bishop has lied to us since he came to vist. I dont trust in him and dont know if I can trust in anyone in the cogic church. This bishop is not wanted at the church at all. Leaders are suppose to be trusted.

    • admin says:

      Currently there is no provision that would allow the local members to change jurisdictions without a pastor appointed by a bishop. You can get involved in the General Assembly to change that practice. One thing that will work in your favor is the fact that anyone who is appointed must now have the criminal background check and the online sexual misconduct course completed before they will be issued any credentials. Charges can be filed against a bishop, you will find the things charges can be brought against him for in the Official Manual.

  2. Jim says:

    Where did you get the details to create WHERE DO I FILE? – COGIC JUSTICE?
    I believe I have checked out the same information somewhere.

    • admin says:

      This information is available from the various Church of God in Christ books, manuals, and minutes. Also from some of the books written by Dr. Fredrick Jenkins.

  3. Rob says:

    Here’s a question what about missionaries can a missionary be “Defrocked” like we can as elders or would she just be sat down by her pastor, or would she be tried in front of the women’s department.

    • admin says:

      In the Official Manual, Article VIII, Section C states: “The trial of Jurisdictional Officers, except Jurisdictional Bishops, shall be the same in all respects as that of a Pastor. The decision of the Jurisdictional Assembly is final.” That was amended in April of 1991 when the Judiciary Board was created.
      The Jurisdictional process is the same for Credentialed Women as it is for men. They have a right to appeal to the National Women’s Department Dispute Resolution Committee and then to the Judiciary Board (Supreme Court).

  4. Queenie says:

    I have two Baptist pastors’ harrassing me and my family. How do I filed charges and stop the harressement so that other people will not get harressed by these pastors.

    • admin says:

      Each denomination has it’s own Judicial Rules. I have no knowledge of the procedures for the Baptist Church.

  5. Karen Harris says:

    Is there a change of command to be heard, concerning the behavior of the Pastor?

  6. MS. J says:

    How do I file charges against a pastor who is running from being served by child support and refuses to acknowledge a child he had out of wedlock?

  7. Special Assistant says:

    What are the procedures for Article vlll church discipline.


    what are the procedure to give up a missionary lincense? no longer want to be a Missionary.

  9. W. M. Greene says:

    When appointed, are COGIC Jurisdictional Bishops required to be bonded so that all jurisdictional monies currently in the jurisdictional treasury are protected against misappropriation?

  10. Kim Valentine says:

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I just moved to Louisiana from state of Colorado I need the rules and regulations for state of Louisiana concerning jurisdictions which haven’t been established through headquarters for collecting dues,and meetings from churches that have agreed to transfer or be under this new jurisdiction not officially approved yet?

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