Constitutional Age Limit


The Presiding Bishop will automatically become President of the Corporation upon election. In case of death or disability, the First Assistant Presiding Bishop shall become the Acting Presiding Bishop until the next general election. He may hold office until he reaches his 74th birthday. However, if he is in good health and has served the church well, the rules may be suspended and he may be elected for another term of four (4) years.

This has been called by some a resolution, The General Secretary at that time certified this as part of an Amendment. (Click here to see amendment)

There is a lot of misinformation being circulated which is designed to confuse some people. The law is very clear, it was in effect in 2016 and it allowed the current leader to run again because a built in one time exception. That exception cannot be used again. The individual can run for the General Board, but he cannot run for Presiding Bishop, First Assistant, nor Second Assistant, people of integrity will not try to circumvent the law.

There was a petition filed with the Judiciary Board which unanimously declined to here it.

4 Responses to Constitutional Age Limit

  1. Jo says:

    So, is this the -real- reason that the PB that was elected in 2016 decided to retire/request Emeritus status?

    Is there information on who brought this issue before the judiciary board, and when?

    Also, based on what’s written in Part III of the Green and White book regarding the requirements for being granted Emeritus Status… Are you only granted Bishop Emeritus status when health issues arise that prevent you from effectively performing the duties of a general board member?

    • admin says:

      Bishop Blake himself tried to get the Judiciary Board to allow him to run again. You will find very few COGIC bishops willing to give up the accolades and prestige they believe comes with the title. Typically a health problem or death (definitely a health problem) is the reason Emeritus status is requested.

  2. Pastor Henry McAllister says:

    Can any member 8n cogic get a copy of the green and white books

    • Sentinel says:

      Yes, anyone can get a copy of the Green and White book.
      You can download it from this site, then go to Kinko’s or Office Depot to have it printed and bound with the spiral binding.

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