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Here is a question that has come up.

Who can file charges against a COGIC Pastor or Elder? Can the Jurisdictional Bishop bring charges against a Pastor or Elder?

If we look carefully, Article VIII, Section B, paragraph 2 on page 31 of the Official Manual it says,

“The procedure for the trial of a local Pastor shall be as follows:”

  • In Article VIII, Section B, 2(a), pages 31 and 32 of the Official Manual says, “When a majority of the members of the Church of God in Christ have documented evidence that a Pastor of a local church has committed any or all of the offenses enumerated hereinabove, they may file charges against such Pastor specifically setting out the acts and things complained of.”

This is very clear it takes a majority of the members to bring charges. It cannot mean a majority of the National Church, over 3 million people would not have documented evidence of violations. The only logical explanation is that a majority of the members of the local church. That is 50% of the local membership plus one more member. Each person must be a member of the local Pastors church.

To the second question, NO the Jurisdictional Bishop cannot on his own bring charges against a Pastor. He is only one person, it must be a majority of the Pastors members. No single individual can bring charges against a Pastor or an elder in the COGIC Judicial system.

The list of offenses in Article VIII, Section B, paragraphs 1(a-g), page 31 are the only things a COGIC Pastor or Elder can be charged with. There is no resolution or language on a certificate that is higher than what is found in the constitution.


  1. Al Baxter says:

    Very good ? information for members and pastors. No one ?? person, even if he’s a Bishop, can not take your church.

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