This page is a resource for Pastors and Elders to find information and to ask questions on the Judicial Process, the purpose for the General Council of Pastors and Elders and your concerns.

If you have a question concerning the rights of Pastors and Elders, or judicial procedures, we will do our best to answer them for you.

Here are a few questions which have been submitted, we will answer them by using the Pastors and Elders Manual and if applicable the constitution.

  • What is purpose for General Council, why was it created.
  • What is the role of General Council Chairman.
  • What is the role of the Jurisdictional Chairman.
  • How is the Jurisdictional Chairman elected.

We will start with the role of the Chairman. This information is found in the General Council of Pastors and Elders Official Handbook. Click this link to view the information. Section IV Chairman

To clarify who can bring charges against a Pastor. Only the members of the Pastors or Elders church can bring charges against them. The bishop cannot bring charges, if he does, he can have charges brought against him.

Procedures and Offenses which can be cause for a trial.

Offenses for which a Church may be tried; Article VIII, Section A

The only way, a Church of God in Christ Pastor can be involuntarily removed, is by following the procedures found in the manual.   You can find the procedures by opening the document below.

Offenses for which a Pastor may be tried; Article VIII, Section B

Trials of Jurisdictional Officers; Article VIII, Section C*

  1. The Trial of Jurisdictional Officers, except Jurisdictional Bishops, shall be the same in all respects as that of a Pastor The decision of the Jurisdictional Assembly shall be final. (*As found in the Official Manual)

This is contrary to what is believed, most believe the bishop can remove them at will.  This is not true, Article IV, paragraph.

5.  Each Jurisdictional Bishop shall have the right to appoint and or remove District Superintendents. Departmental heads and all other State officials in his Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, unless otherwise provided for by this constitution.

Offenses for which a Bishop may be tried; Article VIII, Section D

Procedures to follow if charges are filed against a Bishop, if the correct procedure and form is not followed it can be thrown out. (PROCEDURES)

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15 Responses to PASTORS & ELDERS

  1. Leonard D Stine says:

    What are the reasons to remove a pastor and who has the authority in doing so?

    • admin says:

      The ONLY way to remove a COGIC Pastor involuntarily, is through the process found in Article VIII. No one, not even the Presiding Bishop has the authority to summarily remove him without a trial. All pastors and elders should become experts on Article VIII and what their rights are.

  2. anthony jordan says:

    To Whom this may concern. Please receive this letter and attached documents as the final step in the process outlined in the COGIC handbook. We have submitted the documentation to the board of elders and was advised that they made a determination. The determination has not been moved on by local leadership or Bishop Jimmy Williams. We have been advised that appealing to you is the next and final step to request the reinstatement of membership for Mother Pearl Jordan and a written retraction of the letter of expulsion involving her and her family. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    • admin says:

      There are no documents attached with this message. This site is not run by the Church of God in Christ. If you email your documentation, perhaps we can advise if charges can be brought against the bishop.

  3. C says:

    Hello. I appreciate this site. I have downloaded the PDFs of the manuals. It has been much appreciated. I do have a question. I have been reading through the manuals to find answers to different situations in our church. My question is about our Pastor. He is incapacitated. He was given status of “Emeritus” a few years ago. I have read in the Green & White Book, page 81, under the heading “Status of Emeritus”, paragraph 6, that the an Emeritus can receive compensation. The footnote states that it was passed. This being the case, my pastor should have been receiving compensation? He is elderly and being cared for at home, the funds would help with his care. If he is eligible, what steps would be needed to initiate this process? Thank you in advance for your time.

  4. J. A. Caruthers says:

    This is a question. Can the Jurisdictional Bishop appoint female Superintendents and Pastors in his jurisdictional, if he so choose to?

    • Sentinel says:

      It is general held in COGIC, that Superintendents, Pastors, Elders, and Ministers and Deacons are male. There are roles female clergy members occupy which are found in the Womens department manual.
      Bishops utilize various work arounds to this and there have been some who have placed women in these roles. They would not be recognized at the National level though, but they will accept their money.

  5. Jerr A Caruthers says:

    I am somewhat not clear about the answer you provided. I understand that female pastors and superintendents are not recognize at the National level, only on the Jurisdictional if that Bishop choose to place a female in that position.
    However, you stated “they will accept their money.” Are you refering to the national church accepting their money or the jurisdiction?

    • Sentinel says:

      It is a violation of COGIC’s rules. I am not stating an opinion either way, when rules and procedures are not followed problems are created. Maybe this time it works in a manner that does some benefit but what about the next one?

  6. The answer I receieved was somewhat vague. It is apparent that the National Church do not accept money from female pastors, superintendents. I do not have a problem with giving to my district or Jurisdiction. I think I have the answer as I write this comment that money given by female pastors or female superintendents are not considered or credited on the national level.
    I definitely believe in following rules, but the problem we are having is that soooo many women all over our jurisdiction are being placed in these positions by the Holy Spirit and it speaks for itself. I pray that one day in the COGIC leadersship will come up with solutions that will address those women in positions of the five-fold ministry.
    I really do not know or understand its a problem, because this is the 21st century and not the 1900’s.

    • Sentinel says:

      When questions are answered, they are answered as the law is stated. Any variation from that is not lawful. The fact that some bishops allow it does not change that fact. The General Assembly as the only law-making doctrine expressing body in COGIC, through constitutional amendment are the only ones who can change the law. Not the General Board, nor the Presiding Bishop. I do not express an opinion either way. Also, if one believes something is biblically based, the century does not matter. Right is right and wrong is wrong; time does not change it. If we press into GOD, and follow Him, we would not give the enemy place. 1 Cor. 3:3.

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