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  1. Admin Assist Jerald Mason says:

    Thank you Dr. Jenkins for this site.

    • admin says:

      Dr. Jenkins work is so important to the Pastors, Elders and members of COGIC we have included it for the benefit of all who desire to familiarize themselves with the procedure of the church’s judicial system. We thank God for people who possess integrity and wisdom such as Dr. Jenkins. Like Bishop Samuel Nesbitt, Dr. Jenkins is a blessing to the body of Christ. As a disclaimer Dr. Jenkins is not associated with this site.

  2. Eugene says:

    Can I get a complete copy of the blue book on PDF?

  3. Kevin Amos says:

    Hi, I’m interested in receiving a copy of the Blue Book .

  4. Lou Winters says:

    I have been a member of the COGIC for over seven years, now.
    However, I have been filled with the Precious Gift of the Holy Ghost and that with Fire for nearly thirty years.
    This past November, while I was at the large church here in Texas. Where, I am a member. During, the praise and worship time of service. An Evangelist, came to me and Slapped my hand as if she was high fiving me. Then, there was another Evangelist came to me and held my hand down to both kneeds. Thus, forcing me out of the Rim and to quench the Spirit of God Almighty. I am left feeling Violated and terribly disappointed in the fact, that these Evangelist were not acting as thou they were called or seasoned. I am appalled and wounded that this took place in one of the largest COGIC in the DFW area. During, the 10:45am service near the front of the alter. While, in-order of Praise and Worship service. My question is this. Are we not to praise and worship the Lord Jesus in the Spirit?

  5. Sante Simms says:

    Hello, does the presiding Bishop choose his 1st and 2nd assistant? If not how are they selected as 1st and 2nd assistant?

    • admin says:

      The Presiding Bishop chooses the 1st and 2nd assistants, however, everything the Presiding Bishop does is subject to the will of the General Assembly. His choices must be approved by the General Assembly.

  6. thomas Gilleylen says:

    i would like to have a copy of Bishop WA Patterson book that he wrote many years ago

  7. gerald stokley says:

    Are local pastors and wives supposed to serve on both the trustee board and finance committee? the table offering is taken to the bank drop off by a deacon. But the pastor and his wife take the tithes home every Sunday to their house, is this right in the church of God in Christ? Just asking ….

    • Sentinel says:

      There are no rules against both pastor and his wife serving on those boards, if there are enough qualified people it would be wise to limit multiple family members on the boards. In COGIC, unless the pastor is on salary the tithe is generally compensation. Again if he is wise, he will only keep a portion of the tithes. However there is nothing that requires it.

  8. I serve as a Director over my local and District Purity Department, and cant find any material to put in my Lady Puritan leaders hands for teaching classes and training. Thought i would reach out here to see if I could receive some blessed directions.

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