The illegal, double jeopardy trial was held and the kangaroo court re tried the original case. Not only is justice blind in Texas Cogic, it must be brain dead also.

In what appears to be a concerted effort to completely crush Bishop Kyles, there is another trial scheduled for March 29, 2021 (click this link) for the same case the Judiciary Board refused, the same case in which an investigating committee found no merit for a trial but yet the General Board through Auxiliary Bishop Kurt Thompson continues to grind him into the ground. They let Bishop L’Keith Jones off with a one year suspension after an almost 20 year affair which began when the victim was a minor. Bishop Kyles has not been in his pulpit for almost six years. He has had no income during this entire time. There has been fraud perpetuated by the people the General Board left in charge with Auxiliary Bishop Thompson at the fore front.

Coming soon: Chronology of the procedural violation of the church leadership


The double jeopardy trial was held and the verdict; guilty on all counts. It just goes to show you what persecution looks like. When those in the upper echelons of Church government decide they want to persecute and crucify you. If they must pull something out of the air, they will do it. The only way this can be resolved is via a Federal Lawsuit because the rules and laws of COGIC seem as if they are only suggestion.

Auxiliary Bishop Kurt Thompson is facing a potential trial for the actions taken against Bishop Kyles. It makes you think, if the law was violated to get a verdict, the verdict itself must be unlawful. Click this link to see the Thompson Charges from the Grievance Committee.

Auxiliary Bishop Kurt Thompson has plead GUILTY (Rule 7c) to the two counts the Grievance Committee put forth. Click Here to see the Guilty Plea

Click on this link to read the heart wrenching letter from his wife who by the way, was kicked out of her office, her belongs placed on the floor in the hallway. She has been ignored by the Women’s Department and ignored by those she thought were her friends.

The three individuals pictured above have had a hand in the continued persecutions of a man who with the Board of Bishops have violated the law at every turn.

Mother Kyles Letter

Click (here) to read what the Board of Bishops did

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