The initial notification letter is now done online through the COGIC ARC system. Pastors now log on and fill out the required information.  There will then be additional information given to complete the process. The information and the steps  required is the same only now you start and complete the process online through the ARC system.

Click here for the Transfer procedures found on the web site of the COGIC General Secretaries Office.

In an update, you must include the number of members, the number who voted and the numerical results of the vote.

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

International Headquarters

Office of the General Secretary

Transfer of Church



  1. All vacancies that occur in the pastorate of a local church shall be filled by the Jurisdictional Bishop . The supervision and management of the church shall remain with the Jurisdictional Bishop or his designee until such time as a Pastor is appointed to fill such
  2. No local church shall be authorized to change or transfer its Jurisdictional affiliation unless at least two-thirds of the church’s membership agree for such

Addendum to IS. – April 14, 1982. Two-Thirds of the membership must be present and voting after due notice, before authorization can be given to move the church from one Jurisdiction to another.

  1. The Pastor of the church shall notify in writing the General Secretary of the Church of God in Christ, the Jurisdictional Bishops where the church is affiliated , and the Jurisdictional Bishop where the church intends to transfer, of intent to transfer, which notice shall be given at least thirty (30) days before the local church’s membership can act on said transfer. The notice shall include the following information:
    1. Name of Pastor
    2. Name and location of the
    3. Membership
    4. Jurisdiction where Church is
    5. Name and address of Jurisdictional
    6. Jurisdiction where Church seeks to transfer and name of Bishop of such
  2. The respective Jurisdictional Bishops or their designee where the Church is affiliated and where the Church seeks to transfer shall be entitled to be present at the membership meeting convened for this purpose.
  3. The vote on the transfer shall be by secret written ballot. The respective Jurisdictional Bishops shall be authorized to have a representative present to observe the voting and the counting of the
  4. The respective Jurisdictional Bishops and the Pastors of the local church shall within seventy-two (72) hours notify the General Secretary of the Church of God in Christ of the results.
  1. No local church shall be authorized to petition for a transfer of its Jurisdictional affiliations but for one time each twelve (12) month period.
  2. A member of a local church shall not transfer membership to another local Church of God in Christ unless the local member has the written consent of the Pastor where the member is enrolled. The pastor should give the member who is in good standing a letter of consent upon

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