Death of Integrity – Board of Bishops

Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. [Source Wikipedia]

The Heart of Justice has failed in the Church of God in Christ! Each judicial forum no longer has a pulse.

The Board of Bishops has had another failure, they have failed to protect the sheep. Only the leaders, hirelings, and those who bow to them receive help. In many cases the leaders who are to protect the people are the one who are biting and devouring them. There does not appear to be anyone in leadership concerned with the well-being of the sheep, no one to bandage the wounds inflicted by these “men of God”.

There is documented proof at hand for each of the following statements.

  • The Judiciary Board has failed miserably and bows to the whims of “leadership” multiple times.
  • The General Assembly Judicial Committee has failed to act on charges, multiple times
  • The Board of Bishops Judicial Committee has failed so many times it is tragic. The Chairman of the Grievance Committee has just resigned because of the failure of the Board of Bishops to operate with integrity.
  • The Pastors and Elders Council has inept Judicial leadership and bows at the altar of injustice.
  • The local Pastors and Elders Councils have not been instructed on the correct way to operate and most do not know how to operate as they should.

The Board of Bishops have written their rules in such a way, even Barabbas could get off. Perhaps the two thieves who hung next to Jesus would have gotten off with this system.

Bishops, this is what the Grievance Committee wrote, not the false report read in your chambers! You have been deceived!

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